“I have known Nick for over 30 years, so when my wife , Marybeth and I, newly married, were ready to buy our first home, I knew who to call. Nick’s patience, knowledge and experience were invaluable in our search. When either he or I came across a property for him to check out, Nick always came as soon as possible. When viewing the various properties, he knew all the trouble spots to steer us away from. We love our house, and in these days of multiple offers and counter offers, expediency is utmost. Nick was there when we needed him. I’m sure he will be there for you.”

Gary and Marybeth Markwood
  • Graduate of College of Business and Management, Finance, University of Maryland
  • Now in his 40th year of providing real estate services and maintaining a very successful business in Frederick County.
  • One of the top realtors in Frederick County.
  • One of the top Re/Max agents in the state of Maryland.
  • Over 2000 career home sales.
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame
  • Multiple Year Platinum Club member
  • Remax Lifetime Achievement Recognition.
  • Winner of first and second place national real estate advertising awards.

Mission Statement for Nick Carras, Associate Broker

I am in business to help people with their real estate needs and focus on the following seven priorities:

1. Quality Service is most important to me.
  • I believe in doing exactly what I say I’m going to do and then doing more.
  • I strive to constantly improve my service and add more service.
2. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.
  • I promise to keep my customers informed on a regular basis of exactly what is transpiring regarding their real estate transaction.
4. Professional Advice and Opinions are always offered.
  • I want to help my Customers make educated and informed decisions.
5. I welcome Innovation and I Adapt to Change.
  • Industry and market knowledge is always being obtained and updated to help me constantly evaluate what I’m doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed. Real estate never remains the same, and neither do I.
6. I practice Teamwork.
  • My organization plays an important role in accomplishing a smooth and successful real estate transaction.
  • I like to consider my customers as part of my team.
7. I want to be considered as a Real Estate Professional.
  • I don’t focus on my profit. I focus on the needs of my Customer, and the profit will follow.