I can make the process of buying a new property easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming, and less expensive than it would be if you performed it alone. I will help you prepare so that sellers perceive you as a preferred buyer, help you locate and assess properties for sale that match your specifications, and help you through the myriad details attending the actual purchase.

We will work closely together to find the right property.

In our initial consultation, we will discuss the kind of home you need and want. We will determine what location(s) you are interested in, what style of home you want, and how much you are willing to invest in your purchase.

We will analyze your resources, and prepare you to buy.

We will meet with a licensed loan consultant to determine exactly what you can afford. I highly recommend obtaining a certificate of pre-qualification for a mortgage loan at this early stage; it will help you focus on homes in an appropriate price range, and will strengthen your bargaining position once you locate the home you wish to buy. When your offer to a seller includes a letter from your lender indicating that you are ready to qualify for a loan, the seller will take you more seriously, and the sale will proceed much more rapidly.

We will find the right homes for you to view.

I have the best possible resources and communication systems available today to help you locate the homes on the market that match your specifications. You can run home searches at my Web site and request to be notified by email when new listings that match your criteria arrive.

I will also access my local MLS to find homes that fit your interests, and will post them to your Personal Organizer where you can always access them. I will inform you about newly listed homes in your category and range the moment they hit the market.

Finally, you will select a home.

I will help you complete your financing and inspections, and close on the transaction.

I will save you time, money and effort at each of each step of the process.

I am always familiar with the current homes on the market, and I know neighborhood values well, so I can help you determine which properties are fairly-priced and in good condition before you start your search.

Buyer Agency

I offer a Buyer Agency, which is an arrangement where I actively look out for your best interests, but get paid by the seller. This relatively new situation in Real Estate eliminates that age-old question: “Just who is my agent representing—me, or the seller?”

My first priority in my relationship with you, the buyer, is that your home buying experience is pleasant, cost-efficient, and successful.