My fully coordinated range of communication tools and resources means I can respond to prospects and clients more quickly and accurately than agents who rely on less advanced technologies-or none at all!

My toll-free number
My toll-free number allows me to capture the phone number of every person who calls, even if they hang up. My database system automatically obtains useful information about each caller, such as name, address, phone number, etc.

My website
My website is designed to make a great deal of useful information available to users, encouraging them to contact me or to provide me with a means to contact them.

My prospecting system
I am able to review every step prospective buyers have made on my website, on my toll-free number, and with my fax-on-demand system. I can see which buyers have sought out what kinds of information. This allows me to contact the most likely prospects for your home first.

I am available
When a prospect wants to contact me directly, my automated system knows how to find me immediately. When someone is interested in your home, they want to find me NOW, never later. I am always available.

Any time a potential buyer or an agent wants to communicate with me, my automated phone system will simultaneously dial the four “find me” phone numbers it has on record. My pager will always tell me who is trying to reach me-whether I’m working with you on preparing for your sale, driving to the office, or eating lunch.

Response and follow-up
I have also automated my marketing response system to schedule and create follow-up letters, call-backs, e-mails, faxes, brochures, and Q&As-all ways in which I capture and interest buyers in your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.